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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to Redline Endurance!

I am currently in the process of rebranding the company to deliver CrossFit to Endurance athletes and Endurance to CrossFit Athletes. I have personally found that the CrossFit methodology, when correctly put into practice, can yield amazing results. I have worked with a number of athletes using a method that incorporates high intensity, functional movement with long slow distance work. This is not CrossFit Endurance, this is method that I have been developing through trial and error in my own training over the last SEVEN years.

Follow me here on the blog, on instagram, facebook, or twitter for workouts, nutrition tips, and recovery advice. For online coaching or one-on-one training, please send an email to info@redlineendurance.com. #takingfitnesstoanotherlevel

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Workout 8.8.12

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Bike – 30 miles broken up into the following
10mi spin to warm-up
3mi @ 70% effort in the small chain ring
1mi easy spin
3mi @ 75% effort in the big chain ring
1mi easy spin
1mi Max Effort in big chain ring
1mi easy spin
10min spin to cool down

No Metcon today!!
Plank – 5 minutes of total work
Ab Mat Sit Ups
KB Halfmoons

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Workout 8.7.12

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Swim – masters swim set or 30 minutes easy of continuous swimming

3 OH Squat Every Minute on the Minute for 8min @ 70% of 1RM
3 Strict Press Every 30 sec for 8 rounds @ 85/55

AMRAP 10 minutes
5 Strict Pull Ups
15 KB Swing 53/35
10 Sec L-Sit
*Goal should be to complete a total of at least 5 rounds

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Workout 8.6.12

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Run: 40 minutes easy or 1500m* Time Trial
*Get your time and then visit McMillan Running to get your proper training paces.

3 Power Snatch Every Minute on the Minute for 8 minutes @ 75% of 1RM
5 Romanian Dead Lift @ 135/95 Every 45 seconds for 8 rounds

5 Rounds for Time

200m Row, Swim, or Run
30 Air Squats
20 GHD Sit Ups (sub ab mat sit ups if you don’t have a GHD)
10 Push Ups



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Why RedLine Endurance?

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Why RedLine Endurance?
  1. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply want to be fit,  RedLine Endurance is the choice for you. Each workout is catered to your fitness level, your goals, and what fits you. We will make you work hard, but it will be appropriate for your fitness level. As you grow with us, the workouts will change based on your growth.
  2. For those of you looking for training in a group setting (no more than 6 per class) we can accommodate you too! We will make you work hard and push you to that next level, but it will be appropriate for your level of fitness. As you grow with us, the workouts will change and progressively become more challenging.
  3. There is no waiting for equipment. Whether it is a private or group session, there will always be enough equipment to keep you moving closer to your fitness goals.
  4. Your workouts will be constantly varied not only to eliminate boredom, but also to keep the body guessing so it is always adapting, becoming stronger and leaner.
  5. Erik and his team are Nationally Certified Professional Trainers. We keep up with continued education and work hard to put together the best workout we can for you. This is what we do for a living full time and we love it…our passion for health and wellness translates into results for you.

Why Redline Endurance? - RESULTS

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